Public Rooms

Prestonfield has a charming selection of charming and historic public rooms, often hidden in the most historic parts of the building... 

...all are luxuriously furnished in Prestonfield's trademark opulent style, they are filled with art, antiques and curios and make a great place to enjoy some time during your stay. Roaring log fires and 24-hour service come as standard!

Tapestry Room

The grandest and most historic of Prestonfield's public rooms, the baroque Tapestry Room was created by craftsmen working on the nearby palace of Holyrood House in 1687. Built to awe and impress, Scotland's most theatrical drawing room is still fit for Royalty.

Among the ancient tapestries, gilded antiques and ancestral portraits you'll find comfortable sofas, board games, piles of books and a roaring log fire making this a magical place to escape to. By day, this is the most indulgent spot for a lobster club sandwich lunch or afternoon tea, at night with fire and candlelight it is a magical room for drinks after dinner.

Leather Room

Maybe not quite as racy as it sounds! Prestonfield's Leather room is an intimate sittingroom, lavishly panelled with gilded 17th-century leather from Cordoba, installed here in 1687. Originally the state bedchamber, a huge plaster cherub guides you here from the Tapestry room next door. Install yourself by the log fire of this charming hideaway with a book, drink (or both) and you may want to be here for some time too.

Yellow Room

This tiny glamorous salon packs a visual punch with its tactile golden velvet walls, roaring log fire and gilded black lacquer furniture. A great place to meet for drinks, you'll probably find a glass of Champagne, or a very dry martini, irresistible as you perch on the racy black crocodile sofas. Commandeer a sofa, order a drink or enjoy a traditional afternoon tea and spend some time at the heart of the Prestonfield experience.


Quirky antler furniture, deep sofas and even deeper glasses of Malt whisky are the order of the day in this clubbable retreat. Hung with a rare collection of antique equestrian portraits, our even rarer collection of Malt whiskies could keep you occupied for some time too. The Whisky is a great after dinner escape.



Prestonfield's spacious and elegant reception ensures a hassle-free environment in which to check in, or check out, in comfort. You'll also find 24-hour porters and an enthusiastic concierge team keen to meet the most seemingly-impossible guest requests. Check your emails on a complimentary laptop, enjoy free internet access, or help yourself from the book, CD, & DVD libraries.

Opulent eccentricity...flamboyant decor, attention to detail and cossetting service create an environment of pure decadence.
The Observer

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