Charity Fundraising Balls & Galas

Prestonfield’s spectacular setting, prestige and large capacity ensure that this is the venue of choice for many of Scotland’s highest-profile charities for their most successful fundraising events.

A prestigious reputation ensures high ticket sales and encourages a positive response to fundraising appeals, whilst the large capacity, seating up to 500 guests for dinner, ensures that costs can be controlled and fundraising opportunities maximised.

With no caterers to arrange or equipment and tableware to hire in, you can enjoy sublime restaurant-quality food and service by our own in house staff – all in spectacular surroundings.

Prestonfield makes fundraising as simple as possible. Almost everything is taken care of in-house and the facility fee covers a range of facilities and services that ensure your event is a success.

"The Sportsman's Charity used Prestonfield for the first time in 1983, our inception date.  We have continued to use it every year since, for our flagship Sportsman's Charity Dinner and for other events in which we have been involved.  Its Round Stables is without question Edinburgh's outstanding dinner venue, balancing the  essentials of great elegance - and capacity for well over 500 happy diners."
John Frame
The Sportsman's Charity